Friday, January 11, 2013


So many of my friends are getting married!!!! Having just done the same myself- I thought I'd do a few posts on stuff you need to remember, budgeting, post-wedding shennanigans, and of course, my own wedding! I love, love, love wedding planning. I would definitely pursue it as a career if I did not love, love, love dentistry.

Let's get down to business. So you just got engaged- NOW WHAT? I think the first thing you should think about is BUDGET. Then follow that up with what type of wedding you & your betrothed are looking for. Once you settle on an overarching theme/feeling for your wedding, you can look into location. And from there, all the little (and big) details can fall into place.

Here is an example of a wedding budget. Glance at this and really work to figure out what you need for your wedding. This is a good jumping off point and included EVERYTHING we needed for our wedding. I omitted many numbers of what we actually spent for privacy purposes. For reference, we invited 350 and had 250 attend our semi-destination wedding in Southern/Central California. We did a lot of things DIY-style and our focus was on good food & lots of fun for the guests.

Person/Company/Item                    Budget                   Actual
Venue 7000 6495
Caterer 10000 ***
Photographer 4000 ***
Accommodations (including Vendors) 425 ***
Cake 2000 520
Bar Tender 500 375
Dessert Bar (Michele Chen) 525 525
Dessert Delivery 200 150
Crane Picture 700 750
Invitations ($980 invites + $300 postage) 1280 565
Save the Dates ($200 actual +$70 postage) 300 340
Favors 1000 436
Center Pieces 300 237
Dress, Shoes, Accessories 300
Alcohol 2000 1898
Suit, shoes, accessories 300
Hair, Makeup 700
Tips 300
Gifts 600
DJ 1600 1600
Candy Bar 150 270
Etc Decorations 200 ***
Bouquets/Bouts 700 ***
Leis for Parents 300 ***
Photobooth 0 (Gifted) 0 (Gifted)
Rehearsal Dinner 600
Rentals 5000 5940
Day of Coordinating 700 761
TOTAL 38680 *****

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