Monday, September 12, 2011

slacking much?

Seriously neglected blog, I apologize!!!

Lately I have been on a self-esteem low (very rare for me) and have been having more of an increase in indecisiveness and self-doubt. Today in the dressing room, I decided NO! I will stop being indecisive, stop worrying about what people think and just do what I think is best... because in the end that will make me the happiest. I'm talking mostly about Wedding planning. I love wedding planning! It's so much fun and I love expressing my creativity, making a collaboration of the hodge podge of ideas I find online... finding ways to tweak things so they fit us. I would definitely love event planning if I had a group of minions to carry out my desires and vision. I plan, you execute! Haha.

Anyways, I think we finally settled on a wedding venue. And although I have qualms with a few things, I definitely am looking forward to finding ways of making it work for us!

Back to crazy school...

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