Wednesday, June 22, 2011

racism is still present.

just finished reading The Help. It was an excellent book, well-written with an overall uplifting spin. But it got me to thinking... many of us think that racism today is limited, or even dead. But in reality racism is a present and alive.

Example 1: When in Kentucky, we (our group of Asian friends) often encounter weird stares and even some comments.

Example 2: I ALWAYS get called "chinita" - I am NOT CHINESE!

Example 3: When trying to get into clubs in both Las Vegas and Los Angeles, I often find that groups of Asians have a difficult time getting into clubs. In fact, it is blatant racism that occurs in this setting. Groups of Caucasions parade into the club while Asians who have been standing outside for an hour solely based on the fact that they are Asian. This makes NO sense to me since many a time these are the people who will spend the most money in the club. And if there are that many of them standing outside, it is obviously the crowd the club is attracting. Lastly, why should there be a difference between us all anyways? Everyone is there to have fun, right?!

The examples go on and on, but I just thought it was interesting to see that there is still a divide and still segregation and priority given to people based on skin color- or hair and eye color.

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