Tuesday, March 15, 2011

sicky poo

I have never been to the doctor as often as I have since I started dental school, except for maybe when I was born or something... and even then! First I had a weird hurty pustule, next I had lower right abdominal pain for over a week and saw three different doctors for that, none of whom could dx me. Next I have this wicked cough that sounds like a seal barking for a week... and I am so desperate I must go get medication so I can sleep (and so my bf can sleep too). The events for which I have NOT seen a doc for this year include: pretty much fractured toes and ongoing sternum pain. Why? Because there's nothing anyone can do about that or no one can dx me!

I am just afraid the doctors are going to think I am a big hypochondriac, which I am definitely not. I have just had poor health for this year... attribute it to whatever you want. All I am saying is that it's super super annoyinggggggg spending all this $$ on doctors who don't even give me answers. For spring break I have to go to the optometrist, obgyn and possibly dentist for all my yearly appointments I have been putting off. Plus after all this I want to see my naturopath so she can detox me. I am a mess!!!! When did I get so old?!

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