Wednesday, March 9, 2011

sans sweets.

McQ, the model

Cutest pic of BF ever

more modeling

This is the first year I am officially doing lent! Honestly, I don't think it has ever been emphasized to me to do lent, and before I thought it was only in the Catholic sector of Christianity. But I now understand the meaning behind it all. So for lent, I have chosen to give up sweets. I LOVE sugar. So much more than I realized now that I cannot just trot over to my cupboard and pop a piece of chocolate into my mouth. And today, Dannielle had cakes and cupcakes galore for her bday and I could not touch a single one, although the smell of it was divine. It's funny how giving up something can make you appreciate it that much more!

Today in clinic I was quite upset because I was experimenting with different instruments, and I found a ball burnisher that was the appropriate size to use on pediatric restorations. Unfortunately, my restoration kit did not HAVE that ball burnisher (it was Dannielle's). When I asked the faculty if I was able to obtain one, they said no. But they did not just say no, they said it in an annoyed fashion, as if I was wrong to even ask. That really upset me because, as I explained, I have been having trouble doing my restorations and this instrument actually helped me doing it. In fact, I ALMOST failed my last competency because I was having THAT much trouble doing them. Wouldn't you want to help a student out and if it's as easy as procuring an instrument that helps her, would you not do it? Well I understand that this is not always possible, and there are procedures and whatnot, so I just asked Amazon instead. And now, my little 27/29 ball burnisher is in the mail!! :) Happy ending to this tale of woe. Haha.

Now back to neurons, Golgi Type I and II.

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