Tuesday, March 8, 2011

misplaced fear

If it's been one time it's been a million
Try to be perfect but it's tearing me apart
The fear of failing is so familiar
But you're breaking down the fences in my heart
I'll slow down breathing in
breathing out

I'm waking up I'm breaking out
I'm leaving behind the fear and doubt
I'm letting go I'll trust and fall
Cause I know there's healing in your arms

So I've been striving running in circles
Through the fight I've forgotten who I am
God I am longing to break the cycle
To lose myself so I can start again
Slow down breathing in breathing out

It's time to give it away gotta give it away
(Give it away) Let your love take over
Love is way you came you gave it all away
(Give it away) Now love is taking me over

Oh yes I know there's healing in your arms
There's healing healing in your arms

Where do we get the courage to do things? I think as I grow older I have less and less courage, why is that? Is the reality of what we have been through setting in? Do negative past life experiences cause us to use more caution? I suppose that is what we are meant to do, to change with experience, but shouldn't the positive from taking risks also play into it? I just find myself looking back and wondering where I got the courage to do things such as travel to Japan alone for six weeks, remain the President of a sorority full of back-stabbing and negative energy, apply three times to dental school, get a tattoo... and how I now feel apprehensive at the sight of all the responsibilities that lie before me as student body vice president, ASDA secretary and health fair coordinator... and dental student in the midst of one of the toughest classes we will encounter in dental school. I know I can do it, I am all about full platters and glasses half-full. So when did this anxiety creep in? When did this feeling of "what am I supposed to do" appear? I know that I will accomplish everything I need to, only through the strength of Christ.

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