Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving Break.. Thanks Goodness

OFFFDS Dannielle & I at DMD Thanksgiving Dinner

You have to watch Harry Potter dressed up!!!!

Umami Burger in LA w/ my loves. Chewy back for a weekend

Playing w/ Sisterhood, <3!!! Miss these girls

Thankful for my friends, family, and Steven (so cute!)

This Thanksgiving, we had a lovely FIVE days off!!!! well technically four but I ditched class on Wednesday. And I was bad and didn't study all weekend long, but it was the BEST break ever... until Christmas break, of course! I just lounged around, worked out, ate too much, saw my family and a lot of my friends.. and of course spent time with Steven, who I hardly see despite him being my roommate!

This Thanksgiving, I was and am also a lot more thankful for everything. Maybe it's just being in trying situations- it really makes you grateful for what you have. Why am I so thankful for Steven? Well, that man is an amazingly good and lovely man. God did an exceptional job on him! He is infinitely patient with me, he helps out when I beg him to, he's always there to tell me "it's OK, I'm smart, and I'll do fine," he's funny as heck (who knew?), he loves his family (mama's boy), and he's ridiculously good looking.

And, you know, I find it funny that as I grow older, I feel less and less patient. At one point in time, when you did those acronym thingies for your name in elementary school I used wish I had a P in my name so I could write patient. Nowadays, it's more like something I am working on. And I wonder if I've always been impatient and just thought I was patient, or if I became less patient as I became more busy. Is it a matter of a change of perspective, or a change of personality? Weird.

C = Cheerful
H = Heartfelt
E = Extroverted
R = Ready
I = Impatient... hey not perfect!
S = Studious
H = Helpful

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