Wednesday, October 27, 2010

truly blessed...

me, taking a nap, after studying "dead body book" for hours.

Exhausted, but truly blessed.

One of my favorite songs is "What Faith Can Do" by Kutless, with my favorite line being "doesn't matter what you've heard, impossible is not a word, just a reason for someone not to try." In God, all things ARE possible. That line is my ringtone, just to remind me when times are tough that it's just God pruning.

I just shoved 3 weeks of anatomy, reduced to 2 weeks because of our school schedule, into my brain... and survived the class and final. More than survived. And I am so grateful! Now with the looming task of MCBM's 4-6 hours of lecture a day ahead of me, I only pray for the strength and focus to put it all down and do the same thing all over again.

On a brighter note, I am heading out to a CFC potluck tomorrow, how nice it will be to fellowship around food with some fellow WesternU-ers!

Monday, October 18, 2010

one down!

*phew* just passed my first dental competency exam... to be honest I have not been stressed out except for this test! I was so nervous after messing up my hand was shaking, and it's just about impossible to do a prep with a shaking hand!!! Thank goodness whoever graded mine was NICE, I truly appreciate it!!!!

every blessing you pour out, i turn back to praise!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

it's just me.

Day Laborer's Clinic 2010 w/ DMD 2013 & 2014

I miss blogging... remember when xanga used to be hot? Yeah. I mean, there is a certain limit to the things you should blog about, but overall, I miss reading about people's lives and stories... twitter and facebook just are NOT the same! Anyways, I was just thinking it would be nice to keep a little record of my life while in dental school... the life of a dental student, if you will... just for me to look back on and smile about. And if you get a little insight into my life as well, so be it!

This post right now is me procrastinating from studying from my ECD test #2. Seriously.
Not that I didn't procrastinate enough this morning.
When serving the community through Pipeline.
Teaching 8th graders about the brain.
On that note! I loved working with Shana and all the other Pipeliners this morning. Such a great experience to see all of these middle schoolers passionate about healthcare. And maybe the vast majority of them will go on to do other things, but those few who stay interested in dentistry, reconstructive surgery for burn victims, physical therapy, and lab researching... wow. Hey it's possible, I stayed true to my love for dentistry from the age of seven until present... and hopefully for the rest of my life!

I've found as I progressed through undergrad at UCLA and my Master's program that remaining balanced is the key to surviving school. That and Jesus will lend you some sanity while you are in school. I didn't do that great of a job while in undergrad with the whole balance thing, but I have always remained true to my love for the community, children, and serving others. As I entered into professional school, I have really tried to focus on remaining balanced. Not being all about studying and school, which is hard, but at the same time... Life is not Life unless you are Living. And living is not done while staring at a powerpoint on a screen. Don't get me wrong, it's necessary to learn cranial nerves, dental anatomy, and what goes into a RBC filling... but I have a deep love for my family and friends and spending time with them not only keeps me sane, but keeps me happy. And I have also tried extremely hard to keep up the volunteering efforts, and serve the community, even when it means I am in school for SIX days a week instead of FIVE. I love it. So, if you're in grad or professional school, remember to stay balanced. Pet a kitty, hug your significant other, contact your siblings, serve the underserved, praise God.